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MiM, MSc, MA, MS – We explain the differences!

One Master’s degree is not the same as another. Since the existing Bologna reform, there are significant differences in titles. Universities of applied sciences and universities offer the same Master’s programs. At the same time, there is increasing confusion abpout the meaning behind the differen types of masters. After all, this is decisive for the later professional qualification. This article clarifies all the essential differences.

Master in Management, the MiM

The MiM is designed to help graduates of the university quickly get a job in management. That is the goal of the universities. A Master in Management enables a later position in project management at large companies or direct entry into management consulting. But what is so special about this education and how can people get  into these programs? Most degree programs are open worldwide to graduates with up to one year of professional experience. However, there are also degree programs that require more work experience. These are also called Masters of Management “for Professionals”. The best way to find out whether the MiM degree program is the right one for you is to check your interests. The program mainly covers a wide range of business topics. Leadership skills and personality development are clearly the main focus.

What a Master of Science can do

The Master of Science, MSc or MS, is awarded by universities if the course of study has a scientific basis. The MSc is based not only on scientific fields, physics or chemistry, but also on mathematics and technology. These can be courses in computer science, but also include mechanical engineering and biology. These titles are especially recognized in technical fields, and it is not uncommon for management positions in technical fields to draw on such a degree. The programs are among the more complex master’s degrees and are heavily based on scientific research and findings.

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Arts packed into the degree

The so-called Master of Arts, MA, is awarded especially in subjects in the social sciences and humanities. Popular subjects in this degree program include sports science, cultural studies, and the arts, but business subjects are also recognized. Upon completion of this Study, one is able to pursue further specialized education. The Master of Arts is structured similarly to other degrees. This means that although there are different focal points, knowledge is acquired in the same way through lectures and seminars. The degree, like all others, is completed with a Master’s thesis. The addition “Arts” has therefore nothing to do with the fact that the teaching is different or that the study is less recognized. It is merely an expression for a different field of study.

Which degree program is best?

Which degree program is best depends heavily on one’s preferences. If one would like to study more in the direction of art and culture, the Master of Arts is a good choice. If you are interested in mathematical calculations and technology, you should choose the Master of Science. The MiM is a solution for all those who see themselves in a management position one day and want to pave the way with this degree.

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